Course Conditions


For The Last Four Years, Our Course Has Been Used Primarily
As A Practice Facility.

As such, it has taken a lot of abuse, and a lot of areas were not taken care of and manicured the way a course normally would be.

When we decided to reopen the nine-hole course a year ago, we knew it was a big undertaking and that we would be subject to criticism.

While a lot of work has been done, there is still a long way to go to match the conditions of other local, well-respected courses.

We understand that, we accept the challenge, and we are working hard every day to improve the playing experience.

If you are looking for great conditions, we aren’t there yet.

However, if you are looking to hit some shots, have a drink or two, have fun with your friends or by yourself, as long as you can be patient with the process, then we are your place.

The ownership and the staff realize what the conditions are – please know that we are working hard to make the course experience as nice as the property and terrain will allow.